Precision Works, LLC, serving the Michiana area of all its Excavating needs, specifically specializes in all things Excavation, Lawn Rolling, Snow Removal and more. Additionally, here at Precision Works, we offer services such as Dump Truck Services and Land Clearing.  One of our premiere goals is to assist in the preparation to your next building project, no matter what that project may be. Our equipment is always top of the line, ensuring each and every one of our customers that they are getting the exact product that they are looking for, including professionalism.
From homeowners to contractors, here at Precision Works, we do it right!

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Excavation is a thoroughly important element when it comes to any building project regardless if it is Residenital or Commercial and here at Precision Works, we understand that. Our goal is to serve the Michiana community with the finest and highest quality of Excavation and Excavation Services no matter how big or small the project is. We have built an honest reputation on our strong Amish morals and way of life in which has aided us in becoming Michiana's Excavation Company. We use only top-of-the-line equipment, ensuring every one of our customers that their job will be done correctly the first time around.
Our employees are all professionally trained and have the same mentality that we do... complete each job with Precision.


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Here at Precision Works, we take great pleasure in serving the Michiana community with several different Excavation Services including Lawn Rolling, Land Clearing and much more. Our vast services and wide knowledge of the industry means that we are well equipped to serve as many different projects as possible, including both Residential and Commercial.
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No matter the Excavation project, big or small, Residential or Commerical, here at Precision Works, we are well-equipped to assist. If you are looking for a trench dug... we can do that! Need a site prepared? We can do that too! Our Precision comes with our professionalism and access to a vast amount of high-quality Excavation Equipment.
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Demolition is a very tricky kind of project as it can be messy and even dangerous. Here at Precision Works, we focus on the safety of you, your surroundings, your property and our people so that there are never any issues. Our Demolition services can be utilized for Residential, Commerical or Industrial areas.


Our Land Clearing Services help in the preparation of land for both Residential and Commerical areas by clearing our shrubbage and other unwanted natural materials in order to then build your future project. We safely remove stumps, brush and other matter that is blocking your path for building. We can then provide you with our Dump Truck Services which will, in turn, haul away all of these materials, keeping them out of your way for future building.

foundation / pad prep

Here at Precision Works, we know all things Excavation and that includes Foundation and Pad Preparation. We are the first step when it comes to preparing your next construction project and we start (quite literally) from the ground up. We make sure that your area is prepared for concrete foundations and more.

pond creation

When it comes to Pond Creation, we know what we're doing! We dig, we maintain ground and level off the bottom and sides so that your property can have a brand new, beautiful addition. Our Pond Creation comes with great planning, as well as all of our other services so that you get exactly what you are looking for. From width and depth to everything else in between, we will get the job done perfectly for you!


Trenching is merely the narrow excavation when it comes to length, that is made below the surface of the ground. Generally, a Trench is deeper than it is wide and doesn't typically go any wider than 15 feet.


Regardless if you are looking for Residential or Commercial Dump Truck Services, we are here to assist in your project throughout Goshen, Indiana and surrounding areas. Typically, our Dump Truck Services include the transportation of sand, soil, fill dirt, crushed stone, gravel, crushed concrete, mulch, compost and other materials. Our single-axle dump truck allows us to better maneuver on-site projects whereas a larger multi-axle dump truck is typically more difficult to get around with. This machine also allows us to offer not only delivery of products but also assists in other Excavation Services such as Land Clearing.

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Each Excavation project starts with a free Consultation so that we can begin to thoroughly understand what it is that you're looking to do with your land.
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